WhoPlusYou was built from the ground up as a highly accurate skills-matching system designed to find you the right candidates fast. Benefits include:

1) Highly accurate candidate matching that removes the time and expense associated with reviewing large numbers of unqualified applicants.

2) Competitive advantage – You already know that you are communicating with top matches. Compete for talent more effectively by adding digital media to your posting. Sell your value!

3) Save money – WhoPlusYou is designed to be an effective and inexpensive alternative to current processes. Stop paying for expensive job board postings, print ads and candidate search subscriptions. Instead, you can post your job and receive applications for free, and you can also choose to use our top candidate connections system to select the people you want to interview based specifically on their skills and interests matching criteria. Each connection is only $9.99.

4) Top Candidate Network Development – Once you connect with a candidate, you can stay connected for as long as you and the candidate want, whether or not the connection results in an immediate hire. Build a network of highly qualified candidates and as they update their profiles you will have insight into the new value they offer.